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What is VINMARK?
 The VINMARK system utilizes state of the art technology to ensure that your vehicle and its parts will be permanently marked with its VIN number to prevent theft and aid in vehicle recovery.The VINMARK system provides powerful security that deters professional theft and increased vehicle recovery. The stencil used for the application is computer generated with a vehicle identification number cut into it. The VINMARK's patented migrating gel will adhere to any surface. This unique patented application will imbed a permanent tamper resistant vehicle identification number on the vehicle's body parts. The body parts are what a professional thief wants most. 

Backed by an AM's Best "A" rated insurer VINMARK's Limited Warranty, if purchased, can provide the following benefits: $2,500-$5,000 if your vehicle is declared a total loss due to theft; $1,000 for partial loss; and $1,000 for alloy wheel theft.

Plans and benefits vary by vehicle type, state where purchased, and offering availability. Please see VINMARK Limited Warranty where product is offered for details
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